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Greek Wisdom: Learning to Live Well

greek saladFrom the first known democracy to the great philosophers like Aristotle and Plato, Greek culture has always been ahead of its time. To this day, the Greeks are also among the people who live the healthiest and longest lives. Perhaps the secrets to so much prosperity and longevity lie in just about every aspect of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

We can learn so much from the ancient and present day Greeks simply by taking note of such things as their healthy Mediterranean diet that is rich in vegetables, olives, fish and red wine. The Greeks have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, cancer and even Alzheimer’s than Americans. Greeks spend plenty of time outdoors, take walks, have a relaxed, leisurely lifestyle, and place an utmost importance on family life and sharing meals together.

Granted, we may not live on a picturesque Greek isle in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, but we can still make adjustments in our hectic American lifestyle, such as eating a healthier diet, and enjoying time outdoors, so that we, too, can reap some of the benefits of one of the most enlightened cultures on earth.

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