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College Kids And Summer Parties: Who Will Drive Home?


What college student doesn’t enjoy partying and hanging out with friends? Youthful exuberance demands it! This joie de vivre, combined with peer pressure to participate in drinking games and similar activities, make it easy to understand why a designated driver might end up drinking himself. However, allowing yourself to go …

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How To Get Help When Your Doctor Is Wrong


Even though medical technology is now better than at any time in history, reported cases of medical misdiagnosis in on the rise and happening more often. There are many reasons why this happens, from an increased patient load to patients having more than one primary care physician for their medical …

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Male Pattern Baldness: A Common Problem for Men


Hair loss, known medically as alopecia, can affect any part of the body. Baldness usually refers to hair loss from the scalp. While women and children can experience hair loss, baldness is more common in men. More than 35 million men live with some degree of hair loss. Most have …

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HGH Boosters: Alternatives to HGH Injections

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There is a lot of talk today about human growth hormone or HGH as a way to slow the aging process. HGH is also touted as a way to enhance the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. What is human growth hormone, and how does it work? Human growth hormone is …

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Hit And Run: What To Do If You’re A Victim


It is a beautiful day outside and along comes a jogger exercising to take advantage of such a fantastic day. Suddenly from out of nowhere comes a car speeding, loosing control. This car strikes the jogger, an instant kill. Suddenly the car leaves the scene of the crime at a …

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Surprising States Most Dangerous to Live


According to the FBI, there are 10 U.S. cities that have a disproportionately high amount of violent sexual crimes against women each year. In fact, these 10 cities have been named the most dangerous places in America for women, and this is something to which both genders need to pay …

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Universal Flu Jab Could Be Just Around the Corner


A recent study published in the journal Nature, reports US researchers are closing in on the development of a single flu vaccine which could help protect against many different strains of the virus. Seasonal flu jabs are re-produced each year to combat the ever changing nature of the many strains …

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Understanding Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Low libido and other sexual problems are common complaints for women. Persistent sexual problems are known as female sexual dysfunction. Most women experience sexual dysfunction at one time or another. Whether the problem is sudden or ongoing, it can occur at any stage in life. Four Types of Female Sexual …

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Healthy Living Suggestions


It’s suggested that by now we know what’s good for us, like avoiding the sweets that we’re so often tempted by, and choosing healthier foods like vegetables and whole grains. Although, knowing something and actually doing it are two things that are usually far apart from each other. A professor …

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The Electronic Cigarette and Nicotine Misconceptions

Electronic Cigarette

Many misconceptions revolve around E-Cigarettes as they slowly but surely have started to take over markets because they seem so appealing to users. We would therefore like to address at least some of them in the following. By far one of the most common is the one that states that …

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Increase Female Libido

  Many women have watched in frustration as their relationships get strained over a lack of desire for sex. Low libido can make it seem like a woman doesn’t desire the one she loves even though there is nothing that a woman wants more than to enjoy intimacy with her …

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