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Will Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

Driverless Car in Bonita SpringsAs we find ourselves living in the 21st century, it could be a new reality to own self-driving cars in the not-so-distant future. Computer-driven vehicles are already in production, but with a price tag over $100,000, the cost thus far is not very affordable to the general population. But, over time, as the cars are made in higher quantities, they could become affordable for many of us.

Self-driving cars raise quite a few questions for consumers, but initially appear to be safer options than having a real human behind the wheel. Supporters note that the majority of traffic-related deaths would diminish significantly because computers don’t drive drunk, they don’t get distracted, and they don’t tailgate – some of the biggest causes of accidents and fatalities on our roadways.

It is an interesting concept to consider eliminating human error from driving, but one that raises many questions, like: what if the computer malfunctions? Perhaps a bit more mainstream testing is needed before we hand over our car keys to a machine.

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