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Range Rover Debuts The Aggressive Sport Stealth Pack


Range Rover has been making the sickest SUV and offroading vehicles for quite a will, attaining legendary status with fans across the world. Just when you think their cars can’t get any more aggressive the automaker steps the game all the way up with the all new Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack. Forgoing an all black or camo aesthetic you would come to imagine when hearing the word “stealth,” the silver metallic body features a clean exterior with satin details on front grille, vents, light surrounds, mirrors, and tailgate finisher. The new ride includes smoked out headlights and taillights married to optional nine-spoke 21-inch rims or five-spoke 22-inch rims in satin black colorway. Range Rover Will start taking pre-orders this July with deliveries scheduled for the end of 2014. 

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