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How Breastfeeding Your Infant Increases Their Social Standing

LiveScience recently published a study that indicates that babies who are breastfed are more likely to attain a higher social level later in life than their peers who were bottle fed. According to the report, breastfeeding gives babies a 24 percent better chance of getting a job as adults that will be in a higher social ranking than their father. Additionally, people who are breastfed are 20 percent less likely to move down from the social rank of their parents. RJ BABY FEED

Comfort & Harmony makes nursing pillows, and they were understandably pleased with the results of the LiveScience study. The pillow maker has specifically designed their product to encourage physical closeness and a more comfortable breastfeeding experience, and this will definitely make it easier for women to provide their children with this advantage. After all, the health benefits of breastfeeding have been well-documented, and when you combine that with the potential to increase the child’s social standing, it becomes easy to see why so many women choose to breastfeed.

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