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Vegan Breaded Chicken

Vegan Breaded Chicken Recipe with Veggies!

Yummy Vegan Breaded Chicken Recipe… So it was one of those nights. The thunder rolled in…lol, j/k. One of those weeks where you had to wait one more, two more days to go to the grocery store because you just simply didn’t have any time! So now there is nothing to …

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Rodney Mullen's New Video

Rodney Mullen’s New Skateboarding 360 Video With Vogue

Normally we would expect to be hearing about Vogue Magazine and other fashionable items on our partner site Got Glam, however Vogue has totally thrown us off with this new video.  Take a look at professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen’s new video, in which 360-degrees of photo shoot excellence is achieved. …

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used cars in utah

Lemon Laws in Utah When Buying A Car

Lemon Laws in Utah Lemon laws in Utah are meant to protect consumers from buying or leasing a new car which is seriously flawed that it can’t be repaired or whose repair costs are likely to higher than the cost of purchase. The lemon law in Utah gives the vehicle manufacturers …

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