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Social Media

Social Media Affecting Our Everyday Lives

Social media has become more than just an online social gathering where you can conveniently communicate with your friends and family. It has actually replaced normal physical interactions that used to be made between people. Remember the days when you would go over a friend’s house just to chat? Maybe …

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what to wear to work

What to Wear to Work in 2016

Happy New Year, now… back to work! What to Wear to Work in 2016! Honey, getting the job was only half the battle. Now, not only do you need to show up and do your job but you also need to show up looking workplace-worthy. This can mean a hefty …

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is coffee good for you


IS COFFEE GOOD FOR YOU OR NOT? THE ETERNAL QUESTION IS STILL LOOMING… This seems to be an ongoing question with ongoing studies. Is coffee good for you? In the past it wasn’t great to have too much coffee and we were supposed to stay away from it while pregnant but …

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