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Weekly Living is your source for news on home and garden, food, business, celebrities, fashion, travel, family life, crafting, and more! We want to be the community you turn to throughout your weekly living!

Whether you are looking for car news, to see a new movie, get some recipes for dinner, or check out the latest fashion trends, we’ll have something for you! Here, you will learn about business life and business news, details about buying a house or car or even household appliances. Weekly Living can even help keep you in touch with the latest fashion news and beauty trends.

Food & Drink

Here at Weekly Living, we have a good collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes sure to please your friends and family! Our recipes range from healthy to fun cheat meals to full holiday meals, appetizers, and desserts! Our writers focus on making recipes that can be loved by all. Impress your family and friends with our complex-looking recipes that are surprisingly easy to make! You can also email us if you’d like to add one of your recipes to our website! We know that navigating a new diet can be hard so we put out several recipes monthly to help you in your day-to-day life. Whether you are trying to lose weight or be gluten-free, we’ve got some good and filling recipes for you! Our writers also love to share their reviews on food and drink products.


Who doesn’t love to travel? The writers at Weekly Living love traveling and sharing their top picks for the best destinations year to year! You can get familiar with where to travel to during what season and more with our travel articles. Are you planning a trip? Let us know how it was and we’ll include your story on our website!

Home, Living, & Family

At Weekly Living, we share our weekly lives with you! Find articles about cleaning your home, decorating your home, remodeling your home, and more. We love a good home project! We also touch on family life. Do you have babies, elementary kids, or big kids? We have a wide range of families here at Weekly Living and we share our own personal experiences with other parents. We talk about everything from marriage to breastfeeding to looking for colleges. Our community invites you to join in! We like to share our parenting wins and fails…and there are always a lot of fails!

Weekly Living

WeeklyLiving.com is a blog dedicated to bringing you great content from great writers. We take pride in offering you these tips and advice, good news, and much more.

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Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is another topic that you’d like us to write about! Or contact us if you’d like to share some blogs posts with us! Contact us at  Weekly Living here.