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Pokeman Go Plus – Expand Your Poke Senses


Check out the new wearable tech as a game-changing addition to your Pokemon Go experience. The Pokemon Go Plus is a standalone peripheral that attaches to an included wristband that fits like a bracelet and almost looks like a watch. You can also hook it up to your clothing with …

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Does The Girlfriend Activation System Really Work?

Girlfriend-Activation-System (1)

If you’re unlucky when it comes to relationships, and just can’t seem to find the perfect partner, don’t worry. The Girlfriend Activation System is a new program that teaches you how to radically improve your love life. You see, despite what you might think, women aren’t looking for a man …

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Getting A Good Uniform

Dickis pic

Create Great Work Uniforms: A How-To Guide Are you in charge of your company’s work uniforms? It’s a bigger responsibility than you might think, because uniforms are one of the great unifying forces of employees, loved or loathed by all workers equally. Uniforms are also responsible for two-thirds of the …

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Healthy Fun Learning For Kids

There is a great program being run by the Health Canada organization where they have a talking zucchini that kids like to watch. Interestingly enough the kids start to discuss healthy items for eating which I believe is really important. If you can get kids to adopt healthy eating practices …

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3D Food Replicator Coming to Your Kitchen

With the invention of 3D printing as a revolutionary technology, comes the next logical step – 3D food? Hmm…While printing in three dimensions can certainly help the manufacturing industry (think: cars, machines, toys), contributing writer, Tim Worstall, wonders how the Foodini, as it is called, can actually help people make …

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Military Hazing Rituals: A Common Occurrence

Although high-ranking officials deny it and say these practices are prohibited and punishable, unofficial “blood pinning” ceremonies still take place today in every branch of the United State military. Soldiers speaking on terms of anonymity have told reporters that each time someone in the military is promoted, they endure the …

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