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Football Coach Fired for Outburst

Head football coach from Eastern Michigan, Ron English, was fired with only three games left in the season. According to the college’s athletic director, Heather Lyke, the decision to fire English was a result of a culmination of issues, one of which included using “wholly inappropriate language” when addressing his …

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5 Tips for Vacation Bound College Students

If you are a college student in America, you are probably thinking about getting through your upcoming end-of-semester exams and then traveling home for the holidays. Or, maybe you are thinking of heading to a warmer climate to escape the blustery temperatures of your northeastern university. Whatever the case may …

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Decorating Your Dorm: Style on a Budget

While heading off to college can put a major crimp on your wallet, you don’t need to let your dorm room decor break the bank. According to Metro.us, you can make your personal space cozy and comfortable with just a few simple style tips. Keeping an eye towards maximizing space …

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Your Freshman Year: Staying Safe at School

The college party scene has taken a dangerous turn in recent years with the increased rate of binge drinking among teens. As party goers try to achieve a greater and longer high, teens are turning to energy drinks as a way to prolong that rush. Emergency rooms have seen a …

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Willamette River Spawns Teen Crusade


Growing up near the banks of the ‘river of life,’ Jerry Herrmann thinks back to his early days of fishing on the Willamette in Oregon. People weren’t as conscious about protecting the environment back then, and the river was almost destroyed by pollution, sewage and waste back in the 1960s. …

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College Scams Reach an All Time High


Arizona has seen a massive increase in college financial aid fraud, and this is being caused by the lax guidelines that are in place for most online programs. In fact, just one group of scam artists were able to receive $88,000 in financial aid from Rio Salado College that was …

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Is College Drinking on the Rise?

beer cans

College is often associated with a mixture of going to classes and partying, and most of the students who embrace both aspects of this culture will end up drinking at least once a week. According to a Gallup poll, 67 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 …

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Does Your College Major Matter?


It’s a truism that most college graduates go into fields that have no direct relation to their majors, but does it matter what you study in college? The answer is yes, but not necessarily for the reasons you think. Some majors are more likely to help you find a job …

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Which Course Should You Study at College?

Many students are in their last year of school before they have to make the decision on which college to attend for next year.   It can be difficult to decide on which course to study, here is a look at some of the more popular courses and the reasons for …

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