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Lemon Laws in Utah When Buying A Car

used cars in utah

Lemon Laws in Utah Lemon laws in Utah are meant to protect consumers from buying or leasing a new car which is seriously flawed that it can’t be repaired or whose repair costs are likely to higher than the cost of purchase. The lemon law in Utah gives the vehicle manufacturers …

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Bugatti History – A Dream Come True For Ettore Bugatti

bugatti history - bugatti veyron

Bugatti History: Ettore Bugatti Designed first car at 17! The Bugatti History is one of a childhood dream converted into one of the world’s most coveted brands and a household name.  The name Bugatti is currently owned by German automobile giant – Volkswagen, though the history of the cars dates …

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Range Rover Debuts The Aggressive Sport Stealth Pack

Range Rover has been making the sickest SUV and offroading vehicles for quite a will, attaining legendary status with fans across the world. Just when you think their cars can’t get any more aggressive the automaker steps the game all the way up with the all new Range Rover Sport Stealth …

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Why You Should Stay on Top of Auto Repair

Nobody likes taking their car to the garage. Sure, it may be easy to ignore that squeaky sound every time you come to a stop sign, and you may have learned to live with the shaking steering wheel every time you exceed 40 miles per hour. But what happens whenever …

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PERK Vent Wraps Make Your Car Smell Heavenly

  This post brought to you by PERK . All opinions are 100% mine. Do you love your car? Then make sure it smells nice by getting your car some PERK Vent Wrap scent fresheners. So What Are PERK Vent Wraps? They are some ultra subtle vent wraps that you can put …

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Luxury Los Angeles Exotic Car Rental

This post brought to you by Regency Car Renals. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you want to step into a really nice car but not sure how? Well you don’t have to go unload 100 thousand dollars to have a great experience. One of the things that people may …

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How To Find A Green Auto Repair Or Body Shop

Although everyone knows that automobiles have a negative impact on the environment, they have become a necessary transportation resource for billions of people around the world. Fortunately, there have been several changes made to reduce the damage that the typical vehicle causes, and hybrid and electric cars are another step …

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Will DUI Convictions Become Obsolete With Driverless Cars?

Even George Jetson, who flew his personal spacecraft to and from work each day, was subjected to being pulled over by air traffic police officers. Today, in what seems like a scene from a futuristic cartoon, people are wondering how Google’s latest invention will operate, or perhaps simplify our lives. …

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DUI Checkpoints: State by State

The majority of people in the United States have had that sinking feeling of seeing flashing police lights in their rear view mirror. In most cases, these individuals know exactly what they did. Whether it was speeding or changing lanes without using a turn signal, that person most likely gave …

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Will Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

As we find ourselves living in the 21st century, it could be a new reality to own self-driving cars in the not-so-distant future. Computer-driven vehicles are already in production, but with a price tag over $100,000, the cost thus far is not very affordable to the general population. But, over …

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Changing Gas Prices Becoming Commonplace

It is being referred to as “price whiplash” – spikes in gasoline prices of 20 cents or more have become the norm in the last few years. According to one report, 2013 has seen gas prices swing drastically upwards in a single day at least 63 times. These swings of …

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