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What to Wear to Work in 2016

what to wear to work

Happy New Year, now… back to work! What to Wear to Work in 2016! Honey, getting the job was only half the battle. Now, not only do you need to show up and do your job but you also need to show up looking workplace-worthy. This can mean a hefty …

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Christmas Gifts: Leather Accessories Your Man Will Love

Many women are challenged by the prospect of shopping for gifts to give to the men in their lives. Husbands, brothers, sons, nephews, and fathers all deserve to receive thoughtful, desirable gifts during the holidays and at other special times; selecting just the right item might be surprisingly tricky. There …

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Winter’s Coming: Hot Thermals For Cool Nights

The arrival of winter means many long and cool nights and short, freezing days. How can you stay warm and dry, and still look fashionable in your day-to-day (and evening) wear? The answer is simple, and affordable: wear thermals. Thermal underwear is an often overlooked but essential part of keeping …

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Grab The Winter Hair Look 3 Top Styles for Xmas

 As the winter weather drives down temperatures and the holiday season arrives with the requisite festive celebrations, colourful decorate gifts, beautiful gowns, and stunning hair-dos. As each night draws nearer, so does the magic of the season grow greater and more alluring. Each year there are new ways to dress …

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Increasing Racial Diversity in the Fashion World

The fashion industry, namely the four big runway shows and fashion weeks that take place in New York City, London, Milan, and Paris, has been historically white. Recently, The Diversity Coalition sent letters to the governing bodies at each of these locations asking for an end to racism on the …

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Hunters Influence Fashion

Camouflage clothing has gone mainstream, and is apparently here to stay. Fashion trend experts around the United States say that camouflage clothing has been trending for a few years now, and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, camo is so in vogue right now, celebrities including Gwen …

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Aviators: A Brief History of These Iconic Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have been an icon of cool, calm, and collected celebrities everywhere for decades. We know them by their colored shades, extra-thin frames, and the signature Ray Ban logo tucked away neatly at the edge of the lens. But where did this iconic frame come from? Why do we …

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How to Choose Jewelry That Won’t Make You Sick

The most common metal allergy is nickel, but some people are actually allergic to pure gold. If you have one of these allergies, you will most likely discover it after you develop a rash from wearing jewelry. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to pinpoint the exact metal that is …

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