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For The Modern Kitchen: IKEA HACKA

IKEA will be making a huge statement at the World Expo in Milan this year, with their all-new “#IKEAtemporary”  exhibit which wil lshowcase tons of amazing kitchen concepts. One concept that will be a show-stopper for sure is IKEA’s HACKA, a concept that combines existing IKEA pieces to create a …

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The Fine Qualities of Liquitex Matte Medium

Acrylic is truly the painting medium of our times, invented in the twentieth century and defining the work of many contemporary artists. Because of its composition, the suspension of pigment in a plastic emulsion, the paint has given rise to a number of mixing media, distinct from traditional mixing oils …

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Easy To Use Vitamin System

This post brought to you by AeroLife™ . All opinions are 100% mine. Do you have a hard time remembering to take your vitamins? I do too and that is most likely because it is so old school these days and almost a thing of the past. What do we …

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Tips on Choosing a Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves act as an electromechanical device with a current running through the coil in the valve, this flow of current causes the formation a magnetic field used in controlling the flow of liquid or gas powered tools and systems. This type of valve is used to control the shut …

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