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Decorating Your Dorm: Style on a Budget

While heading off to college can put a major crimp on your wallet, you don’t need to let your dorm room decor break the bank. According to Metro.us, you can make your personal space cozy and comfortable with just a few simple style tips. Keeping an eye towards maximizing space and an eye towards color will help you and your new roommate to get the most of your new living quarters.

While chances are that you may not know your new roommate, designate areas for each of you so you can show off your own style and taste. Add lamps to avoid that dreaded dorm-room overhead light glare and allow for more efficient studying, and for more funky lighting, Christmas lights add a touch of whimsy on the cheap.

Add photos to remind you of home and a few posters of favorite movies, bands or even artwork. Remember by keeping it personal you will be able to create a home base that you’ll feel comfortable living and studying in for the year.

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