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Chase Debit Cards Limited at Target

In a recent announcement, JPMorgan Chase & Co. told customers who used their Chase debit cards at Target from November 27 through December 15 that they have a lower limit for cash withdrawals and purchases.

During this time period, at least 2 million Target shoppers using debit cards had their account information compromised as a result of a breach in security. In response, Chase is limiting cash withdrawals to $100 per day and purchases to $300 per day.

According to Chase, this is a precautionary measure to prevent the unauthorized use of these debit cards, but consumers are not so happy. This could mean fewer gifts for children all across the country as Christmas quickly approaches. A Target spokesperson also noted that Target is taking various precautions as a result of the security breach.

It is scary to think that while we are out Christmas shopping or buying groceries, our accounts can be compromised. Hopefully, Target will discover the source of the hacking and compensate customers whose accounts have been violated.

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