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3D printing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Met recently conducted an interview with 3D printing artist Daniel Frazer, who executed this piece, seen above. It is based on a nineteenth century statue, combined with a lily pad, and a transparent lotus flower on top.

Frazer is clearly experimenting with 3D printing, and this sculpture is not technically complex or intricately involved, but its simplicity is elegant and refined. Frazer wanted the figure to be someone that was leaning over the lily pad, so he chose a piece from the Met collection, a Jean Antoine Houdon sculpture of a woman bending her back, with her hand on top of her leg.

The original sculpture is more of a marvel because it has pristine details and is carved to echo the form of an actual woman. However, this piece displays the capacities of a 3-d printer, which the world is still new at. There is something intriguing about this sculpture- perhaps it is the smoothness of the female figure, or the femininity therewithin. The flower lights up, and people are often intrigued by sculptures that illuminate their eyes.

Written by Andrew Kaminski

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