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12 Brutally Honest And To The Point Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

Impacts of Smoking

Millions of people are dying globally every year because of smoking. Despite these statistics, and numerous advertising campaigns making the effects of smoking, to both yourself and those close to you, clear, people continue to do it.

This trend needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. There are many medical methods which can assist smokers, including patches, gum, and electronic cigarette kits. Seek medical advice to give you the best chance to successfully quit smoking.

Why You Should Quit: 12 Reasons

  1. You will die younger, and you will not die a pleasant death, either. Whether you develop heart disease, lung conditions, or cancers, the end of your life will not be pleasant.
  2. You stink. Your hair, your clothes, your skin, and no, putting on fine fragrance after a cigarette is not masking it at all.
  3. You look older than you are, and have ten times more wrinkles. Smoking prevents the production of collagen, which is vital to skin health and appearance.
  4. Your lungs are full of tar and do not work properly. That cough you have in the morning is your lungs starting to work after not having a cigarette all night, right before you shut them down again.
  5. Smoking causes depression. Ironic really, when so many of you smoke to try and feel better.
  6. It is expensive, which you probably already realise but have likely not looked at what you could have instead. Calculate your annual cigarette spend, then look at what you could buy instead. Prepare to be shocked.
  7. You could become infertile. Smoking negatively influences the reproductive abilities of both men and women.
  8. You will have a difficult pregnancy and could harm your baby, this rings true even if you smoke while trying to conceive and quit smoking after falling pregnant.
  9. You are a bad influence, especially on your children. Consider how you would feel if they began smoking and how you can stop them with any credibility.
  10. You are killing other people with your second hand smoke. While you are doing the primary damage to yourself, you are also severely damaging the health of others.
  11. You will become marginalised. Whether you consider it glorified social engineering or not, smokers will increasingly be cast out from their peer groups, and you will feel very lonely indeed.
  12. Help is at hand. Never has the smoking cessation market been bigger, with many quitting smoking aids available, including patches and electronic cigarette kits.

Take our twelve points as your call to action, and start to think about quitting smoking today.

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