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Breastfeeding During the Holidays: Find Your Comfort Zone

Sleepy Christmas elfIf you find yourself as a new mom this holiday season, your challenges may be many. You may be wondering what you have in your wardrobe that is suitable for a festive holiday gathering that fits your new, more voluptuous, post-baby figure. Or, you may be stressing about all the baby gear you have to pack for a trip to the grandparents’ house.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, then you are also undoubtedly having concerns about how and when breastfeeding will fit into your holiday plans. Here are a few ideas on how to find your breastfeeding comfort zone and still take part in all the celebrations of the season.

Try Not to Feel Self-conscious.

Half the secret to feeling comfortable breastfeeding your baby outside the confounds of your own home is having a positive mindset about it. Tell yourself that you have made a wonderful decision to nurse your baby – one that provides the most perfect nutrition for his or her development, and creates a close bond between the two of you, all at the same time.

When you are feeling confident about breastfeeding, you will be able to carry on “business as usual” and feed your baby just about any place or anytime, without feeling self-conscious.

Be Discreet for More Comfort

Some women don’t think twice about nursing their infants when they are out Christmas shopping, or at the food court in the mall. But, if you are one of those moms who feels better about having a little privacy, there are a few things you can do.

1) Find a quiet place. Many large department stores have specific rooms for nursing moms. These are quiet, usually near a restroom, and equipped with a comfortable chair and a baby changing facility

2) Always take along your nursing pillow and cape or cover-up. A baby breast feeding pillow and cape come in handy when you can’t find a more secluded place to nurse. These items will make it much easier for you to feed your baby just about anywhere – even if it is in the backseat of your car before you go inside to a party or a restaurant.

Almuerzo3) Retreat to a guest room. When you find yourself in the middle of Christmas dinner and your little one decides she’d like to eat as well, ask your friend or relative if you can use an unoccupied guest room or other area of the house. While all the other guests are in the dining room, you can slip away to a quiet place to nurse, then return to the table to rejoin the festivities.

The challenges of being a first-time breastfeeding mom are many, but you don’t have to let them stop you from enjoying the holidays with family and friends. With these easy ideas, and a few simple items to pack in the diaper bag, you will be able to find a comfortable place to feed your baby wherever you go.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and proud parent of 7. As a former breastfeeding mom, she understands how overwhelming baby’s first holiday can be, especially when it comes to visiting and shopping. For this reason, she never left home without her baby breast feeding pillow and nursing cape. This made life so much easier for the busy mom and resulted in a successful lactating experience overall.  

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