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How to Avoid Brain Trauma on Your Motorcycle

It is important for all motorists to remember that driving at night can be more dangerous, regardless of whether you are on a motorcycle or in a standard passenger vehicle. After all, it is harder to see at night, and this can easily cause someone to drive off the road. …

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What Are Your Rights When The Surgery Goes Wrong?

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins, more than 4,000 surgical mishaps occur each year. As a consequence the numbers of judgments and malpractice claims have risen. In 2 recent cases of medical malpractice in Maryland, patients were awarded between $21 million and $55 million for their injuries. Medical malpractice is …

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Alarming Trends: Are Designated Drivers Even Sober?

According to recent studies that were conducted in the U.S. and Europe, it is very common for so-called designated drivers to indulge before they get behind the wheel. The University of Florida conducted a research study one Saturday evening, the results of which indicated that 41 percent of the designated drivers …

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