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4 Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants for Beginners

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If you’re interested in exploring the world of indoor plants but you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, fear not! There are plenty of plants that are easy to care for and provide a multitude of benefits. Once you know about the best low-maintenance indoor plants for beginners, you can dive into your new favorite hobby.


Philodendrons are hardy, drought-tolerant plants. If you frequently forget to water your plants, a philodendron will suit your lifestyle because they like to be on the dry side. In general, you won’t need to water this plant more than once a week to keep it happy.

Since most types of philodendrons enjoy dark corners and very little watering, you can essentially “set it and forget it.” This plant will naturally liven up your indoor space without a lot of effort. If you’re just beginning your plant journey, a hardy, no-fuss variety such as the philodendron is ideal.

Spider Plant

A spider plant is one of the best low-maintenance indoor plants for beginners because one plant can easily produce multiple offshoots, which can be repotted to add greenery to several areas of your home. A plant that’s easy to propagate means you get more bang for your buck.

Spider plants enjoy indirect sunshine, so make sure you place your plant in a well-lit area. A bright window or patio door that gets indirect sun is an ideal location because direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. Like philodendrons, spider plants do just fine with weekly watering.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance flowering plant, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous orchid. To keep an orchid happy and thriving, place it in a bright spot that receives indirect sunlight. Many people tend to overwater their orchids, but it only needs to be hydrated once a week.

Orchids make a great, long-lasting gift for anyone in your life. They’re also compact and grow vertically, so they look beautiful in an any setting, especially offices. Orchids come in all different colors, so you can choose the hue that speaks to you and enjoy it for years to come.

Jade Plant

A jade plant has round leaves that retain water, which means that if you’re not diligent about watering, it can still thrive. In fact, jade plants can sometimes survive more than a month without any attention. If you travel a lot or spend long days outside your home, a jade plant may be the best choice for your lifestyle.

Once a jade plant does receive water, it starts to rehydrate and grow. Ideally, you should position it in a sunny window that faces south or west, checking the soil occasionally and watering it when it feels dry. Keep in mind this plant is toxic to cats and dogs, so you’ll want to keep it out of reach of your animals.

Looking to take your indoor plant game to the next level? During every watering session, consider adding concentrated, premium plant food and fertilizer to the soil. Regularly applying plant food will produce healthy and vibrant houseplants, so you can enjoy fresh greenery in your home with ease.

It’s no hidden secret that being out in nature does a ton of good for human beings. But in today’s ever-changing society, people are spending less and less time outdoors. Luckily, there are other ways to surround yourself with the beauty of the planet. Using your home and personal space is a prime example. By checking out our suggestions, you’ll discover a few different ways to bring natural elements into your home. Read more here! Natural Elements In Your Home – Ways To Bring Your Home To Life

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