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Cleaning Wood Furniture: The Do’s and Dont’s

Wood Furniture

Wood is a common material for furniture, prized for its beauty and durability. Most people have at least one piece of wood furniture in their home, be it a table, set of chairs, or the dining room buffet. To extend its lifespan, proper maintenance of this furniture is essential, so here are some helpful tips for cleaning.

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Dust Your Wood Furniture

Regular dusting of your furniture is necessary to keep your wood furniture clean and looking good. What you might not realize is that there’s a right and a wrong way to dust. When you dust, you’re removing the particles of dirt and debris that have accumulated on your furniture, but if you dust the wrong way, you’ll only end up scratching your furniture with these particles. To avoid this damage, never dust with a dry cloth. Rather, use a cloth that’s been dampened with water, a furniture cleaning solution, or a tool designed specifically for dusting.

Give Your Wood Furniture a Deep Cleaning

Even if you dust often, your furniture will sometimes need a deeper cleaning than dusting can provide. After an initial dusting, identify any stubborn sticky or dirty spots on your furniture and use dish soap, water, and a microfiber cloth to remove them. Avoid using too much water so as not to damage the wood and dry the areas you cleaned with another cloth afterwards.

Protect Your Furniture

To avoid future damage to your furniture, it’s a good idea to protect it from water stains, dirt, and scratches. If your furniture doesn’t already have one, consider applying a protective finish to its surface. When you set a drink on a wood table, always use a coaster to avoid water stains. Wipe up any spills on your wood furniture with a soft cloth, as leaving water to sit can cause staining and additional damage.

Keep your furniture in good condition by taking these tips to heart. If you follow these tips for cleaning wood furniture, your furniture will stay clean and beautiful for years to come.

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