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Compounding Pharmacies Creating the Prescription for Big Growth in 2022

Not all human beings are alike. Call it a cliché, but we are as individual as each and every snowflake that falls to earth. So why then are you prescribed the very same medicine for a sickness or condition that someone who is years older or younger than you is prescribed? If you’re a middle-aged man, should you be taking the same exact medication as a young woman, even though much of your bodies operate differently?

Compound pharmacies are the answers to the one size fits all pharmacy problem. Referred to as “ancient art meets reliable medical science” by one notable compounding pharmacist company, Burt’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy, they also state that while compounding is rarer today than in years past, there was a time when all pharmacists or apothecaries fully relied on the practice. 

In short, physicians would write prescriptions that contained a list of ingredients and it was up to an apothecary to construct the list in a manner that was simple for the client to take and fully effective when it came to absorption. In this way, every medication an apothecary produced was, in fact, a custom, if not intimate medication. 

Today, in 2022, compound pharmacies are said to be back in style for health conscious individuals and even animals. According to a new report out of Manila, the rising demand for patient-specific medication are making the owners of a specialty compounding pharmacy very optimistic for its ongoing operations as the pandemic winds down. 

The marketing manager for Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy stated recently that the company directly benefitted during the COVID-19 pandemic from its special combination D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C. He also claimed that he believes his company to be the first to come up with this vitamin formula during the COVID emergency.  

The formula was a great help to the company during a time of crisis. It increased profit, sales, and revenue. It also helped them expand.

Drug Mixing

Say the experts, drug compounding is a process by which medicinal ingredients are mixed together to fit a patient’s unique needs, be it in the form of lozenges, liquid, and capsules.  Having been established in 2012 Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy works with physician’s practices to provide tailor-fit medication for patients. 

The company is currently hiring new members for its marketing team to spread a new awareness of drug compounding and its many present day benefits. One important point to keep in mind is that many compound pharmacies are small and don’t need to compete with larger chain pharmacies since their products are special made for individual patients. The personal touch is something the chains are sorely lacking in.  

Global Growth 

The experts say the global compounded medication industry is growing as a whole. It is expected to expand by more than 6 percent to around $10.3 billion over the course of the next six years. That said, medicinal mixing companies are always striving to find ways to improve both their pharmaceutical techniques and their sales efforts.  

Currently the amount of compounding pharmacies are dwarfed by the much larger chain pharmacies, or so says the U.S. Food and Administration (FDA). But this means that there is plenty of room for opportunity and growth in the market. 

The pandemic is said to have redirected consumer behavior toward a reboot regarding the health ecosystem. This is happening as overall health consciousness continues to expand and access to quality medicinal products becomes more available despite supply chain issues.  

Compounding Pharmacies for Your 4-Legged Friends

Experts have concluded that there’s also a growing demand for compounding pharmacies in North America that cater to animals. Vet compounding pharmacies, as they are known, are said to be on the rise due to rising awareness among pet owners, pet adoption, exorbitant costs of branded vet products, along with the growing preference of oral ingested “liquid formulations.”

Vet experts state that the availability of “alternative dosage forms” of the commercially available and widely used veterinary drugs has been a very important factor in the growing compound pharmacy market in the U.S. and Canada. 

One example of this are anti-parasitic drugs specifically mixed for cattle along with antiflea drugs for cats and dogs. These are said to be the most popular and successful transdermal mixtures utilized that come from the compounding pharmacies.  

Making transdermal drugs easy to deliver in the form of flavored treats, flavored gels, biscuits, and more are said to be adding to the compound pharmacy vet market’s high growth in both the short-term and long-terms. 

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