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I Couldn’t See the Road: Whose Fault Is a Weather-Related Wreck?

Foggy Morning-Stevens Pass If you know that a specific area is prone to fog, it is always best to avoid it whenever possible. However, in some instances, you will end up in a fog bank without any warning, and this can turn deadly if you do not take the proper precautions.

Tips for Dealing with Bad Weather Driving Conditions

1. Reduce Your Speed – It is extremely difficult to see through fog, so you should slow down in order to make it easier for you to respond to the actions of other drivers.

2. Pull Over – It is always a good idea to pull over during any weather conditions that bar you from seeing well enough to feel comfortable while driving. However, it is important to note that other drivers might not be able to see you on the side of the road, and this could cause an accident. Therefore, you should get as far away from the road as possible before you put your car in park, and you should also turn your hazard lights on.

If at all possible, you should pull into a parking lot for maximum safety.

3. Use Your Low Beams – Many people feel like they should use their high beams because they believe that a brighter light will cut through the fog. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, using your high beams will simply cause the light to be reflected back toward you from the fog, and this will make it even more difficult to see.

4. Lower Your Window – You should lower your window because it will help you hear other vehicles that you are unable to see.

5. Turn Your Wipers and Defrost On – The accumulation of moisture from a fog bank can quickly reduce your visibility through your windshield. Therefore, you should use your car’s wipers and defrost setting to make it easier to see.

Foggy day.If you are involved in a fog related accident, you should move your vehicle to a safe place and call the police. It is also important to seek medical attention immediately for any serious injuries. Keep in mind that many people deal with injuries after a car crash that are not immediately noticeable. In other words, it is always a good idea to go in for a checkup after an accident.

If you incur any serious injuries, it is vital to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible to help you file a lawsuit to recover your medical expenses. According to houston-accidentattorney.com, “choosing the right attorney for your case isn’t always easy, however.” You need to be paired with a lawyer who will take on the burden of dealing with the insurance company for you.

People need to take precaution to avoid driving in foggy conditions. And if not avoidable, learn how to maneuver through it slowly and safely.


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