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Creative Ways to use Banner Ads to Reach a Child's Attention

School Spirit Banner
Banner ads are all around us, especially when we attend sporting events and trade shows. However, the purpose of these signs does not need to be limited to solely advertising a specific product or cause. Instead, you can easily utilize them to send a positive message to children and teenagers. Consider for a moment the impact that placing banners with an inspirational message on them throughout a school could have on the morale and self-esteem of the children. Instead of letting the school environment be a constant competition for grades, sporting achievement, fashion and popularity, you can reach out to every child with encouraging words and designs. 

Practical Applications 

Not only can inspirational banner ads make a difference in school, but they can also be helpful at sporting events and at home. For example, if you have a young child who is struggling in a specific subject or dealing with emotional issues that are related to a divorce or other traumatic event, you could use a small vinyl “flag”to provide them with encouragement. Something as simple as writing “I believe in you” onto a banner that uses their favorite colors and is placed inside their bedroom can make the difference between them going to bed sad or uplifted.

ReadsSafety Encouragement

Children tend to shut down when safety rules are presented in a boring manner. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the children at your school understand what to do in case of a fire or other emergency, you should use brightly colored vinyl banners with popular cartoon pets that provide them with the necessary information. This same tactic can be used at home to remind your child of the escape route that they need to take from their bedroom if a fire occurs.

Learning Inspirations 

Teachers have been using signs and banners that colorfully display the alphabet and other basics for years because this is a process that has been proven to work. By taking the same approach and applying it to any concept that a child has to learn, you can increase the odds that they will pay attention.

Using vinyl banner posters throughout your home or school can make a big impact on each child. Not only will they help them learn and feel inspired, but the colors will also ensure that no room will be boring.

Ann Bailey is an artist and a parent and encourages using design to interact with your kids. The online company Signazon produces designs and messages on vinyl banners for parents to easily integrate their thoughts and messages into their kids’ lives.

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