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Edinburgh: A Cocktail Hotspot

Edinburgh has become known as one of the hot spots for those who love a good cocktail. In fact, this Scottish city has several locations that have shown up consistently on lists of the top cocktail bars in the U.K.

Diversity can best describe the drinking scene in Edinburgh with an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and quaint eateries. There are pubs in historic areas of the city mixed in with progressive contemporary cocktail bars and more. You can meander through the streets for weeks and not reach even half of what this city has to offer in terms of tasty, inventive cocktails.

Consistently Top Cocktail Spots

Many reviewers through the U.K. have touted Bramble Bar as one of the best because of their innovative cocktail flavours. If you try their Que Pasa Raza, you will discover that for yourself! With a mix of soda water, tequila, orange juice, orgeat, honey and the special ingredient of curry powder, you will taste its uniqueness.

For a quirkier atmosphere, Under the Stairs is said to have mastered the shabby retro chic feel without even trying. Perhaps its location in a basement in Edinburgh’s OldTown has something to do with it. They do traditional cocktails quite well but if you want to try a little liquid adventure, ordering the Green Tea Cooler or Mary Under the Stairs, both with Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, ought to do it for you.

Cool, collected and trendy is Bar Missoni in a nutshell. If you want a place to see and be seen, this is reportedly it. The bartenders are mixology experts and they have over twenty cocktail options for your sipping pleasure. From classic Bellinis and martinis to more unique offerings like their Biennale which includes fig liqueur, Prosecco and Angostura Bitters, there is plenty to sample in this designer setting.

Follow Your Mood

Truly, while in Edinburgh, you will discover a variety of cocktail bars. All you have to do is follow your mood and you will find a location that suits you. If you are in the mood for a warm, welcoming place that offers a Latin vibe, then Barrio Central is the place to try. Old world glamour paired with a lively good time can be had at The Voodoo Rooms while a unique drinking experience is what you will find at Underdogs.

Edinburgh has the best of both Old and New World flavours when it comes to cocktail bars. If you are in the mood for a little adventure and want to try something new, this is a city of talented mixologists. Live a little and ask your bartender for suggestions. You just might find a new favourite cocktail.

Damien writes for Social and Cocktail, the best place to research Edinburgh cocktail bars.

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