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Fort Mason San Francisco

Classy adventures by the Marina district in SF at Fort Mason

Recently on a weekend excursion to SF my friend Amirreza and I stumbled upon a great park, Fort Mason park. The discovery happened by pure accident while trying to find parking in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. We drove too far trying to find parking and enjoying the sights and sounds and found this. Soon we had parked and headed towards the ocean which then pulled us towards the beautiful Golden Gate. Soon before we knew it we found Fort Mason and saw people coming and going.

Despite the military tone that you may have come to mind when thinking of a Fort, it ended up being quite friendly. There are many facilities there for you to explore and much more. You can actually rent the surrounding areas for your events and enjoy the sunlight and people firsthand. There is a lot of history here for you to explore. It was originally named the “Post at Point San Jose” and it was initially established by the Spanish in 1776 and later claimed by the US Army. This initially served as the military headquarters for the US Army on the West Coast.

From the skyline it looks like a very modern area and enjoyable as it is so close to the water. When you look up you can see beautiful clouds overlooking the city and the beautiful bridge right behind it sitting awaiting your next photography adventure.  The park is a fun place where you can find hundreds or thousands of people enjoying the sun and hanging out with their group. On our journey we ended up meeting some great people and even hung out with an individual who went to the same school as me, Santa Clara University whom we later went into the Marina with.

Perhaps my favorite part about this park is its close vicinity to one of the most sophisticated and nice areas of SF, the Marina. Pretty people and happy faces walk along and visit the local bars, it seems very safe and upper class.

Anyways Global Gooders and fans of Weekly Living, we recommend this park! Check it out and let us know in the comments below what adventures you have!


You know a site is the real deal often times when it ends in .org and the site for Fort Mason does that. Have fun exploring on the official website at:


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