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Fun Things to Do When You Visit Austin, TX

Fun Things to Do When You Visit Austin

Many people may not consider Texas a vacation destination, but Austin is one of the best cities to visit as a tourist in the country. If you’re visiting this great city in the Lone Star State soon but aren’t sure what to do when you get there, check out our list of fun things to do when you visit Austin, TX, below.

Take a Guided Horseback Trail Ride

When in Texas, why not do what the cowboys do? If you love horseback riding, or have never done it before and want to experience it for the first time, Austin is a great place to try it.

Many horseback guides around the city will take you on beautiful, guided tours through Austin’s many nature trails and scenic vistas. Don’t forget to pack your cowboy hat and your boots!


Taste Austin’s Famous Cuisine

A trip to Austin, one of the best food cities in America, is incomplete without sampling some of its incredible restaurants, BBQ joints, and food trucks. The great thing about Austin is there’s something for everyone thanks to its diverse cuisine offerings.

Austinites will tell you their city is the best place in Texas for authentic Tex-Mex tacos and barbecue, so you can’t leave without sampling. If you want to try a bit of everything, head down to The Picnic, where you’ll find food trucks of every variety.

Fun Things to Do When You Visit Austin

Fish the Plentiful Waters of Austin and the Surrounding Area

If you’re an angler or just want to spend the day outdoors and on the water, consider getting a charter or guided tour of Austin’s plentiful fishing waters. While the city may be best known for its music and food, it’s also one of the best bass fishing spots in the country.

And there are plenty of bass fishing guides around the city who are happy to show you the best spots to reel in trophy-quality bass fish. Catch enough, and you’re set for dinner for the rest of your trip.

Go Two-Stepping at Austin’s Famous Honky-Tonks

Of course, no visitor can spend time in Austin for too long without venturing into one of the many famous live music saloons, otherwise known as honky-tonks. Whether you want to work on your two-step or hear some live music while enjoying a Lone Star, there are many options available in Austin to spend a night of fun, like:

  • The White Horse
  • Broken Spoke
  • Little Longhorn Saloon
  • Donn’s Depot
  • Giddy Ups

There’s no shortage of fun things to do when you visit Austin, TX, whether you prefer a day enjoying the great outdoors or nights at lively honky-tonks. We didn’t even get into the incredible museums, shops, and parks Austin also has to offer, so whatever type of vacation or family-friendly travel you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Austin.

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