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How To Create The Ultimate Packing List

There are so many decisions to be made when you go through the process of moving from one home to another. Instead of just packing everything and moving into your new home, you have a great opportunity to clear out everything you don’t need. Creating the ultimate packing list will help you achieve this goal.

Your packing list might be determined by the size of property that you’re moving to. You might be upsizing or taking the opportunity to downsize and reduce your monthly and annual running expenses.

When you’re not moving directly to another property and have to store your household goods, either with friends and family or in a professional storage unit, you will probably want to reduce the amount of domestic items that you own, so you have less to store.

Begin with a walk around your home

Before you begin, arm yourself with the necessary weapons to complete your task. Traditionalists will choose a pad and pen for this operation, while modernists will switch between a tablet computer, laptop computer or perhaps their mobile phone. Those gadgets, along with a dictation machine, give you the opportunity to talk about the items you see as you walk around your home so that you can type the list and comments properly, when the first stage of your job is complete.

It isn’t an easy task to determine what is to stay and what is to go. If you are able to borrow a second pair of eyes to help you as you search your property, you increase the chance of success.

Taking one room at a time, you should list everything that you see. Where items remain hidden, you should open boxes, drawers and containers so that you can record or write down every available item.

Make additional notes as they come to your mind when you inspect your property. For example, you might suggest that an item needs replacing or you may see something you can list on eBay to make some money before you move. If you have lots of books, CDs and DVDs, you might be able to sell them. Let’s face it; you might already have upgraded to an e-reader, MP3 player and online films so you won’t need them again.

Taking great care in your children’s rooms

By nature, your children are hoarders. They want to hold on to everything they have owned or borrowed throughout their entire life and even when they’ve outgrown some of their toys and books, they will always suggest that they should hang onto them for just a little longer, just in case.

You will need to discuss the reason for creating your ultimate packing list with your children so that they can understand and reasonably assess the kinds of items that you can dispose of, perhaps by giving them to other children, before the move. Balance this with ensuring that your children feel safe and secure before, during and after the move, because they will be both upset and excited throughout the whole process.

The ultimate packing list may read like an Argos catalogue by the time you finish, but it will highlight everything you need to take with you and everything you need to give away before the big day.

Sharon writes for Removal Services Scotland, a removals company Livingston firm.

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