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How to throw an awesome holiday party at home

The holidays are rapidly approaching and they create the perfect excuse for gathering friends and loved ones at your home for an intimate holiday party. Whether you like to show of your skills in the kitchen or prefer to serve cocktails and show off your decorating abilities, there are any number of ways to wow your guests. Here are just a few ideas to get you into the entertaining spirit.

Make Christmas Cookies

Nothing brings people together like some quality time spent in the kitchen and the smell of fresh baked cookies. Invite some friends over and encourage them to bring their favorite holiday cookie recipes. Not only will everyone get to enjoy the fruits of your labor but they can each take home a new recipe to incorporate into their next holiday bakeoff.

Throw a theme party

Dress up isn’t only for Halloween, who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up in character for a night out? Invite guests to dress up as their favorite character from a holiday movie or decorate with a Grinch theme. Many things about the holidays can be stressful, give your friends a night to blow off some steam and have a little fun. Keep the theme going through your use of decoration, food and cocktails and you are guaranteed a memorable evening.

Host a sledding party

You don’t always have to stay indoors to throw an awesome party. Whether you prefer snow shoeing, sledding or cross country skiing, pack a picnic basket, grab some friends and take your party into the great outdoors. If winter sports aren’t your thing, invite your crew over for snowmen, snow angels and igloos. Build a bonfire, pass around the marshmallows and hot cocoa and you are sure to create a special holiday memory for you and your friends.

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