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Keeping your pets safe this holiday season

Pets are a part of your family and deserve to enjoy to holidays as much as you do, so it is very important that you take extra precautions to keep your furry friends safe in this season of toxic plants, house guest and unhealthy table scraps. Try to keep them on as close to a normal routine as possible this season and be sure to avoid these pet safety issues well into the New Year.

Secure your Christmas tree

Pets love to play with Christmas lights and ornaments so be sure to firmly secure your tree. Also place fragile ornaments out of your pets reach to avoid broken glass that can cut feet and paws alike. A secure tree is less likely to spill stagnant water that your pets could drink and become ill from.

Avoid Tinsel

Sure it’s beautiful, but it is also extremely appealing to cats of all ages. Unfortunately if your cat swallow a bit of this holiday cheer it can block up their digestive track leading to dehydration, vomiting and even surgery.

Skip the mistletoe

It may seem like a great way to cozy up with your sweetheart but mistletoe is dangerous to your pet’s health and can cause upset stomach and heart problems. Lilies and holly are also toxic to pets so opt for artificial flowers or pet safe plants.

Watch the table scraps

Entertaining is an important part of the holidays but can mean lots of plates of unattended food that an enterprising cat or dog can get into. Make sure to keep a lid on trash cans and keep all spicy, fatty, and sweet food away from pets.

Choose your pet toys wisely

If you are Christmas shopping for your pet this year be sure to pick safe options for them to play with. Look for toys that are virtually indestructible like Kongs as dogs can rip apart stuffed toys and swallow the pieces. If you have a cat, stay away from anything stringy like yarn or ribbons as they can become stuck in your pet’s intestines and may even require surgery.

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