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Minimizing Whiplash Pain After an Accident

Fort Collins WhiplashOne of the most common injuries that can occur during car accidents is whiplash. When you are driving your vehicle and are hit from behind unexpectedly, you could suffer this painful neck injury. If left untreated, whiplash could lead to more serious health problems. Here are a few tips to help you minimize the pain of whiplash after a car accident.

See a Physician or Chiropractor for Evaluation

Sometimes following a car accident, you may not experience immediate symptoms or pain in your neck as a result of whiplash. But, an initial absence of pain does not mean you are out of the woods. You should still contact your primary care physician and/or your chiropractor for a complete evaluation.  If whiplash goes untreated, it may lead to more serious conditions including ruptured ligaments, hematomas, pinched nerves, fractures and other spinal or joint issues. A medical professional will be able to determine if any hidden injuries are present.

Get Proper Treatment

Once you have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has determined the severity of the whiplash, he or she will recommend treatment. If the injury is minor, you may just need to take a mild, over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen, and get plenty of rest. If the injury is more severe, you may need to get an MRI or X-ray.

Since the overall goal of the prescribed treatment is to reduce pain and restore mobility and strength in your neck and back muscles, you should make a commitment to doing any exercises or pain management options the physician suggests. These treatment options may also include icing the affected area, getting regular chiropractic adjustment  pain management routine, the greater your chances for healing more completely and quickly. Additionally, you will most likely avoid developing a chronic pain or mobility problem in the future.

Buddha in Neck BraceHelp with Payment for Treatment

“Insurance companies don’t take whiplash seriously, because it’s an injury that is hard to medically prove and many have been accused of faking or exaggerating the injury to gain a larger settlement” says miamicaraccidentlawyers.net. If your prescribed whiplash treatment plan is not covered by your own health insurance or they deny your claim, you may want to consult with an experienced car accident attorney to determine your options. This is an especially viable option if the whiplash is a result of being rear-ended by another driver. When another driver is at fault, chances are his or her car insurance can help pay for your medical treatment, as well as any damage that was done to your vehicle.

Being involved in a car accident is never an easy experience. If you suffer injuries, it is that much more inconvenient, unpleasant, and painful. The key to managing whiplash, or just about any other injury, is to get medical treatment as soon as possible. That way, you can take steps to minimize your pain and get on with your daily life.

Author Molly Pearce often addresses health and legal topics in her work and hopes to educate readers on the recognition and treatment of whiplash in this post. She turned to miamicaraccidentlawyers.net to learn more about the legal issues related to this issue.

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