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How to Move a Treadmill – Make Moving Easier

How to Move a Treadmill

How to Move a Treadmill

When you’re in the process of  moving into a new place, the last thing you want to figure out is how to move a treadmill;  which is why we’ve created this helpful article.  Most of the current treadmills have been designed to fold, primarily to reduce their footprints and also to make moving them easy. But even with the non-folding treadmills, they usually come with wheels which make moving them from one location to another relatively easy. For both types of treadmills, it is imperative that whenever you move them, you exercise a lot of caution and it is highly recommended that when moving a treadmill, you should recruit a helper, even if the treadmill has wheels.

How to Move a Treadmill

How to move a folding treadmill

Use the following steps when moving a treadmill of the folding type-:

  • Adjust the treadmill so that it assumes the lowest possible incline. Unplug the treadmill cord form the power outlet then remove the safety key.
  • Grasp one side of the frame just in front of the hind supports, while squatting down. With the weight on your legs, pull the rear part of the treadmill frame up from the ground.
  • Lift up the treadmill frame, and swing it, moving it towards the main console. While still holding the frame, let your assistant securely fasten the latch beneath the treadmill frame in the storage position. With some treadmill models, you will have to pull the latch knob out of the way before you lift up the treadmill frame. Only then are you allowed to release the frame. With the help of your assistant, gently push the decks against the supports on the console so that the latch can snap on the right position.
  • Hold of one of the handrails protruding towards you, while holding the frame of the treadmill with your other hand. With one foot against one of the wheels, tip the treadmill towards you by pulling on the handrails. Do this until the treadmill achieves a perfect balance on the wheels.
  • Slowly and gently wheel the treadmill carefully to its next location. Once in the right place, lower the treadmill gently to a secure position after positioning one of the foot against either of the wheels.

Moving a non-folding treadmill

Below are steps on how to move a treadmill of the non-folding type-:

  • Start by removing the safety key from the treadmill unplugging the power code from the source.
  • Get hold of one of the console and your assistant also grasp the other console while standing on the other side.
  • Let both you and your assistant have one foot each against the treadmill’s transport wheels to stop it from moving unexpectedly. With the treadmill in a stationery position, get hold of the uprights and pull them towards you, while ensuring that the treadmill is well balanced on the transport wheels. Once the treadmill is balanced, you can take off your feet from the wheels.
  • Slowly and gently wheel the new machine carefully to its new location. Once on the desired spot, put your feet against the wheels of the treadmill while you tip it down to rest gently on its base.

Tips on how to move a treadmill

Moving a treadmill requires a considerable amount of strength, and it is recommended that if you can’t lift 45lbs, then it may not be safe for you to try moving a treadmill. Again, before moving a treadmill, discuss with your assistant the particular steps you are going to take so that you are all on the same page when you start the actual process of moving a treadmill.


For additional safety tips can be found on HappyHealthyHub’s article “How To Move Your Treadmill Safely”.

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