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Pennsylvania’s Haunted History

Pennsylvania is a gorgeous state to visit as well as a beautiful one in which to live. Also, if you are a lover of things that go bump in the night, and are considering moving into one of the new homes in Pennsylvania, you need to gather your courage and go check out some of Pennsylvania’s most haunted houses. Pennsylvania is steeped in history, and is known for its fierce battles. As with any conflict, the remnants of the tragedies remain.

Some of the haunted houses and stories of this fair state are famous and some are not as well known. All of them however, have a very interesting story behind them. Remember that some of the true haunted houses are private residences and you will need permission before you step on their grounds.

The Baker mansion in Altoona, PA was built in 1849 by ironmaster Elias Baker. He and his family lived there until 1914. Rumor has it that the Baker family haunts the mansion until this day. Don’t be surprised to hear the screams of a son that was kept in a deep freezer in the basement until the ground thawed enough to bury him. It is said that a wedding dress moves itself and there is one bed in the house that refuses to stay made. Tours are available at the mansion as well.

Gettysburg, PA is one of the most known places in history and has some of the most tragic ghosts as well. There are too many hauntings in this famous city to count, but visitors to the sites have told of being caught in between the two sides of the ghostly war and hearing the cries of the falling soldiers. One of the most talked about ghostly sites is the Jenny Wade house. Jenny Wade was the only civilian casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg and it is said she haunts her home until this day.

Once you are used to living in new homes in Pennsylvania and are ready for an adventure, head out to Banshee Pub in Scranton, PA. The pub was a dry-goods store in 1918, and when the flu epidemic hit it was converted into a makeshift morgue. All of the tragedy left many ghosts behind. If you are lucky, you will get to see a man dressed in black and a little girl who can be seen climbing the stairs to the second floor all alone. The pub is open for business, but not for tours, so to see these spirits you are on your own.


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