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Protect Yourself: Don’t Lose Power in Bad Weather

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Summer or winter, bad weather can cause chaos. As the driving rain or snow fals on your home, if you notice the lights flicker and turn over to complete a good night’s sleep, you might wake up late in the morning with your clock flashing, as it waits to be set. Lightning might have caused a very quick and minor voltage surge which effectively turned your electricity off for a few seconds. Now consider, what happens with your business premises when the electricity is lost for a few seconds or even longer?

Having your regular maintenance company available to look after your electricity supplies and equipment is essential, especially just before the winter season begins. There is more chance that the weather may cause damage to the electrical supply for your business across the winter season, compared to the rest of the year.

What is a dip in voltage?

Lightning is more prevalent across winter and can cause a change in voltage around your home and business premises.

A voltage dip isn’t a particular problem. You may recognise it at home when some of the equipment that uses a lot of electricity, like a refrigerator or dishwasher, begins working which means that the electricity available for other devices has reduced considerably. You may see a flicker of the lights and that may be no problem whatsoever. If the dip in electricity is large enough, it might stop the power to your home which will cause alarms to ring, computers to turn off and the need to reset every clock in your home that doesn’t run on a spare battery.

A voltage surge is a larger problem for you. It means that there’s been interference to the amount of power either inside or outside of your home. If your voltage isn’t protected against the surge, you might find that some of your most sensitive electronic equipment is damaged. This may include computers and treadmills, but you can imagine how this would greatly affect dedicated electrical equipment in your business premises.

By installing professional surge protection, you will make sure that the electricity supply won’t be affected in your building, by a dramatic change of voltage. Surge suppressors can manage much smaller surges of electricity, which can happen when someone turns the hairdryer or water pump on or you may choose a surge arrestor to take over where suppressants are unable to work hard enough.

Maintenance of your electrical equipment

These potentially dangerous power surges may cause you a temporary loss of electricity for your business premises, but you need to look at the much bigger picture of protecting yourself against losing all of your power at any time across the winter period as the weather changes from fine to potentially unfriendly.

By planning ahead, you can hire professionals who can install equipment, perhaps a diesel generator, so that your electricity supply will continue even if it is affected by poor weather. This might mean that they install an electrical supply to take over and continue your business effectively when the outside electricity power utility company fails temporarily.

You can talk to professional electrical contractors about solar panels and windmills, and while these might help you on some occasions during the year, you will probably need to discuss what other arrangements you can make to ensure that your electricity supply doesn’t fail across the winter.

The electrical contractors will ensure that all of your appliances and devices inside the building are protected and they will be able to recommend which equipment you need to install to ensure that your business carries on, wherever your electricity supply comes from.

Chris Jenkinson writes for Norwood Electrical.

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