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Ways To Surprise a Best Friend

Surprise a best friend

Your best friend has been there for you through thick and thin and may deserve a bit of appreciation! Learning how to show appreciation in the most personal way will mean a lot to them and tighten your bond. If you have difficulties showing your appreciation, these ways to surprise a best friend can help to give you an idea of how to strengthen your friendship.

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Pay for Dinner

Some people’s love language is spoken through their stomachs. If your friend is a connoisseur of delicious food, consider buying them dinner! Look to tasty places that you’ve dined together in the past or pick something cheap and nostalgic that brings back fun memories. If they have a favorite restaurant or type of food, try to remember what they order to keep it an extra-special surprise. Even if you have to ask your best friend what they want from their favorite restaurant, the act itself will still surprise them and brighten even the grayest of days.

Find the Perfect Gift

Even if they don’t have a special occasion coming up, getting your best friend a gift is one of the surest ways to surprise a best friend. Some friends are harder to get gifts for than others, but if you listen to them closely enough, you can figure out the perfect gift. Maybe they want something practical, like a new kitchen utensil or gadget. Maybe they’d like something more fun, like a new game. Practical gifts can be great and mean even more to them since you care about their wellbeing and listen to their needs. Know what your friend loves the most, and pick your surprising gift based on that!

Take Your Friend on an Adventure

If your friend is the adventurous type, plan out a trip to surprise them with or include them in a vacation. You may need to give your best friend advanced knowledge for any longer vacations, but the initial idea will give them quite a surprise. Day-long road trips might be easier to surprise your best friend with since they won’t need to clear any more room in their schedule than they already planned. Pay for any expenses, like attraction tickets, as a gift to them.

Remember to consider what is safe to do regarding any quarantine guidelines or what is open during the pandemic before planning any trips. Outdoor activities might offer the best trips currently.

Write a Caring Letter

Letters are tangible evidence that shows we care. Write a detailed letter about how much your best friend means to you. How you deliver it can add to the surprise as well! If you put your letter in a bouquet of flowers or a gift, it might surprise them even more than just the letter. A hand-delivered letter may hold more meaning to them than a mailed letter, but good things in the mail are always surprising.

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