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Jeep Wrangler vs. Subaru Forester: Which Is Better?

Are you in the market for a new SUV but can’t decide between brands? In truth, there are so many vehicles available today,...


PERK Vent Wraps Make Your Car Smell Heavenly

  This post brought to you by PERK . All opinions are 100% mine. Do you love your car? Then make sure it...

undercoating your car and car undercoat

Undercoating Your Car – The Pros and Cons of A Car Undercoat

  Why is a car undercoat so important to all drivers?  Many people live in places where inclement weather can have a negative...


Find Reliable Used Cars in NJ

Find Reliable Used Cars in NJ Thousands of people purchase used cars in NJ every year. Dealerships like Toyota put more emphasis on...

Tips + Advice

How To Avoid Car Accidents

Car accidents happen on a daily basis. However, we can significantly decrease our chances of being involved in one by being attentive, avoiding...


Nissan’s Contract for NYC Taxi: What’s in the Deal

New York definitely wouldn’t be the same without taxis. They have been a part of the busy city’s life as revealed by these...


What You Need to Know About Purchasing Bank REPO Motorhomes

In order to save as much money as possible with the purchase of a motorhome or RV, you should learn what it takes...


Get Your Motor Running

Leaving Napa on a sunny and warm Sunday morning meant it was time to put the top down, the shades up and the...


Road Traffic Accident Claim – Important Tips You Should Read

It is very hard to file a fatal accident claim when you want to avoid the death of a loved one. It is...


The Car That Almost Was

Like most teenagers, I couldn’t wait to get my license. And once I got my license, the daydreams began. I would get a...


Road Safety: Danish Car Insurance

If you’re planning to purchase a car or import one to Denmark, it’s highly advisable to insure your vehicle as required by the...


Deadline Extended for UK Fuel Strike: Peace Talks Continue

The latest word on the UK fuel fiasco is that the union Unite has been given an extension on their deadline for declaring...