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Tips To Enjoy Being Alone Before Being in Love

Being Alone

Tips to Enjoy Being Alone Before Being in Love

The stigma of being alone is slowly changing, thankfully. Whether you’ve always been single or recently went through a breakup, take advantage of things that can only be enjoyed and accomplished while we are alone. Love is a beautiful thing, and this includes loving yourself. Once coupled, alone time won’t come as easily. Here are some tips to enjoy being alone before being in love.

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Don’t Rely on Social Media

When we are alone, it’s easy to turn to social media—especially on our oh so convenient phones—for entertainment. It’s okay to use and enjoy social media, but these apps become a problem when comparing ourselves to everyone we see on there.

Social media isn’t reality, and it isn’t all that, well… social. Skip the screen and get outside or meet up with friends in the flesh.

Allow Time for Nothing

We don’t often consider enjoying the art of nothingness, but we truly should.

During this time of life when you have the rare opportunity to have time to yourself, learn to do nothing at all. Don’t stare at a wall (that’s a bit too literal), but maybe you can watch a show that requires minimal thought. Lay around all day on the weekend reading books or magazines.

We tend to guilt ourselves for just relaxing. Don’t cave to that pressure. Be unique, and your friends will envy your ability to just be.

Date Yourself

We understand—eventually, you hope to find the love of your life, giving you a permanent Saturday night partner. Until then, don’t neglect yourself of a good meal now and then, along with an outfit that makes you feel incredible.

It’s hard at first to adjust to eating in restaurants alone. Once you do, however, you’ll build a confidence that many people don’t have in themselves.

Stay Healthy

Your schedule is your own, so please use it wisely. Give yourself the gift of time for things like exercise and shopping for fresh fruits and veggies. Also, practice meditation if you lead a stressful life. Do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy in all ways.

Nurture Friendships

While you aren’t in a romantic relationship, use the time to nurture deep and meaningful friendships. After all, they’re the ones who are there to pick up the pieces when your heart breaks.

In conclusion, the best advice to enjoy being alone before being in love is to love yourself. Take care of you, so when the right one comes along, you’re prepared to love fully because you love yourself and have no fear of being alone.

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