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Travel Smart: Keeping a Happy Budget

There can be so many ways for us to cut back our spending when planning a holiday. In fact some of the different methods of economising a trip might escape notice at first glance, simply because of negative past experience. But by using the internet’s huge resources and its ability to compare prices and companies, finding cheap alternatives to some annoying expenses needn’t be such a chore. By taking the time to check prices and alternates we can easily reduce the overall cost of a vacation by a good amount.

After researching the cheapest flights available including those which are competitively priced based on the size of luggage which can be taken on board their planes, the total cost of flying can be reduced. But I have discovered there are a number of less obvious though still financially positive methods of reducing the cost of travel. Another example I’ve exploited is to compare foreign public transport prices with those of car rental companies, to see if taking advantage of a countries buses, trains or trams might be cheaper than renting a car for the holiday.

There is also the matter of getting to the airport on the day of your departure and getting home again upon your arrival. Many families naturally assume that long term airport parking is very expensive and that paying for a taxi is more economically viable but this is not always the case. I have discovered that some Manchester airport parking companies are surprisingly cheap in comparison with the prices you might pay for a taxi, particularly in cases where a small minivan is required. In fact I found it surprisingly difficult to get a straight price quote from taxi websites and just as difficult to get a solid quote from asking over the phone, and as a result I found it far less stressful to use long stay parking.

I also found the level of service which came with booking a stay with an airport parking company was exceptionally high. From the ease of booking a stay online to the polite nature of their staff, not to mention the private chauffeurs who both collected and dropped off my car, I could not have been more impressed with the standard nor the price of this service.Personally, after travelling with every penny pinched and all of my options researched I found my most recent trips to be, not only considerably cheaper but also far more satisfying in general. What can I say? There’s something strangely pleasing about having your own car dropped off at your feet after a week of travelling, and being called sir is always a bonus.

This travel article was written by John Pauline on behalf of MF Airport Parking.

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