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Try Guerilla Marketing for Fast Results

Guerrilla for Christina AguileraWith so many businesses and products competing for our attention these days, as business owners, we have to think outside the box when it comes to advertising. It is more challenging today than ever before to grab a potential consumer’s attention, so what can you do to promote your business in a unique, creative, and memorable way? How about guerilla marketing? Read below for some fun ideas on how to market your company or product.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Like guerilla warfare, in which unusual tactics like ambushes, sabotage, raids and other elements of surprise are used to sneak up on the enemy, guerilla marketing does the same thing in the advertising  world. Only this technique isn’t meant to injure you or wage a battle, but rather to surprise you into paying attention to whatever product or service is being promoted.

Marketers have struggled with everyday advertising as consumers have become somewhat immune over the years, tuning out the “noise”. Comparatively, guerilla marketing is unconventional, creative, energetic and imaginative. It takes the consumer by surprise and makes an everlasting impression.

Outside-the-Box Ideas for Your Company

1. Create an interactive display

Many of the best guerilla marketing techniques interact with the consumer, like a Coke machine that sprayed customers with silly string, or gave out prizes like an Xbox, digital camera or baseball tickets with every purchase. Try creating an interactive experience for your customers.

2. Use unexpected visuals.

Another great idea for advertising your product is putting your ad in an unexpected place – like a dazzling hologram on a dance floor, or signage on elevator doors. You will draw attention to when people least expect it.

3. Use humor.

People love to smile and laugh, and most of us have serious issues on our minds during much of our day. When an ad is humorous, it gets our attention and breaks us out of our predictable routine, even if just for a few moments.

4. Ask a question or ask someone to participate.

When your larger-than-life airport poster asks a compelling question in which the viewer has to step closer to find out the answer, you are drawing them in. The same goes for a display that directs people to “stand here” or “look into this window.”

5. Create a false crack in the floor or wall.

Make it look like you moved or cracked a floor tile or make a wall panel look out of place with your ad in the space. This makes passersby take a second look because something is out of line.

Guerilla marketing is all about the unexpected. Getting your potential consumer’s attention is key when you want to get your message across and create a memorable experience for each of them. If you have tried more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch. Chances are, you’ll have as much fun creating the campaign as your customers will interacting with it. It’s a win-win situation.

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