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Using Technology To Make Coffee

Technology is a wonderful thing, particularly when it helps us streamline our modern and very busy lives. One area where there is evident is in brewing our morning cup of coffee. Here are just some of the newer ways technology is becoming part of our daily caffeine fix.

Coffee Makers With Timers

Coffee makers with programmable clocks and timers are commonplace today.  For the coffee lover, this was a fabulous invention.  The idea that simply preparing the coffee and setting the timer for a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the morning was euphoric!

Coffee Apps

Since 2008, technology gurus have been predicting that the mobile phone would soon be used as a device that acts as a remote control unit.  The mobile phone would be able to perform functions that are specifically integrated with the daily living activities of consumers.  These functions would include activities such as locking, unlocking and starting cars, locking and unlocking doors to homes, and yes, turning on coffee makers.

There are many different coffee apps on the market today. There are apps that give specific instructions and recipes for the perfect cup of coffee, depending on the individual’s specific tastes.  There are apps for the traveller looking for a good cup of coffee, that act as pocket guides for information about coffee houses.

Remote-controlled Coffee Machine

There is a coffee machine designed by a Danish coffee machine manufacturer that can make coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more.  This coffee machine has a touch screen and can also be operated with a smartphone app.  The smart phone operates as a remote control.  The machine and smartphone app allows consumers to connect to the machine wirelessly and order the beverage of their choice.  The coffee machine and app also lets consumers pre-program their order.  At this time, this coffee machine and app are being marketed toward offices and expensive homes.

Robotic Coffee Kiosks

A robotic coffee kiosk has been invented by a company comprised of business and technology individuals, and a nationally-known coffee barista.  The company plans to establish an international network of automatic kiosks to place in large buildings such as hospitals and universities.  The company then plans to build smaller kiosks for mass production.  Everything would be controlled electronically, including any repairs that would need to be made on the robotic kiosks.  With these robotic kiosks, consumers would be able to order from mobile phones as well as online.  Customers would also be able to place orders by using the touch screen on the kiosks and added functionality will allow them to setup personal accounts with their individual taste preferences and preferred payment method.

Using technology to make coffee is the answer to many coffee lovers’ dreams.  Coffee makers with programmable clocks and timers make it possible to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee while the latest innovation of using mobile phones with apps as remote controls are the answer to a fresh cup of coffee made even simpler. In the future look for further innovation in the ways we can get a custom cup of joe, made simpler through technology.


Damien Higgins enjoys using coffee gadgets. He writes for Eden Springs which supplies office coffee machines.

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