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Football Coach Fired for Outburst

Football team vs Long Beach City CollegeHead football coach from Eastern Michigan, Ron English, was fired with only three games left in the season. According to the college’s athletic director, Heather Lyke, the decision to fire English was a result of a culmination of issues, one of which included using “wholly inappropriate language” when addressing his team.

The football team currently has an unimpressive record of 1-7 for the season. They won their first game against Western Michigan just one day after Coach English was fired. An audiotape was leaked to the athletic department in which English was heard yelling at his players and using profanity. Lyke said English’s performance in the football program, along with the unprofessional language on the tape were determining factors in his termination.

You have to wonder whether the tape is being used as an excuse to fire the coach who has had a losing season with his football team. It also makes you wonder how many other coaches of collegiate sports teams use inappropriate language when the teams lose.

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