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2014 Blows in Like a Lion

White Snow on the Christmas TreeDuring the weekend before Christmas, when so many Americans were traveling to be with family and friends, the weather across much of the country became a threat. A massive storm affecting 35 states across the Midwest and up to the Northeast blew threw with heavy snow, flash flood watches, ice storms and risk of tornado, depending on the storm’s location.

The Midwest had dangerously low temperatures as well as up to six inches of snowfall in a matter of hours. More than 650 flights were canceled as a result of uncertain weather conditions and almost 6,000 more were delayed, including flights from major hubs like Houston, Dallas, Denver and Chicago.

Traveling during the holiday season is always challenging enough with a high volume of people trying to get to their destinations in time for family gatherings. Adding in the weather factor makes it even more difficult. If you are traveling during the New Year holiday, plan ahead and be prepared to be patient.

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