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4 Tips for Handling Your First Apartment

As a part of adulting, we eventually find our place to move into, and it will usually be an apartment. A world of opportunity and freedom opens up when you have your first apartment. But before you get into a comfortable lifestyle, you must stay on top of tasks that require your attention and energy.

Have an Apartment Budget and Stick to It

Handling your first apartment will require you to make financially smart decisions for yourself and your home. Creating a budget is one important thing to consider before moving into an apartment so that you don’t become financially unstable. A lack of money can create a stressful situation. When deciding on your apartment budget, consider what’s necessary for your well-being and what’s frivolous. Some amenities will cost more than others, so this can help you narrow down your apartment search. Determining your budget will also help you prioritize how to spend your money each month and save a bit of extra cash.

Manage Your Money To Afford the Move

Moving out of one place and into another will cost you a lot of money. The amount you spend on the security deposit for the apartment and the first month’s rent will most likely cost you more than you’d expect. When you finally move, you will need to worry about the cost of movers—if you use them—the additional fees if you have a pet, and the fees for cable and internet. Moving companies often charge by the hour, so you will find that the result of the move will be pricey, especially if you’re moving long-distance.

If you have friends or family members that may help you move, you should ask them if they can help you transport items. You will save money and give yourself a financial head start by asking for a few favors from close friends. Also, consider looking for cheaper internet and streaming services for a smaller monthly cost.

Thoroughly Read the Rental Agreement and Take Notes

The rental agreement will determine what you can and can’t have in the apartment, so it’s important to read it carefully. Ask the landlord or property manager any questions for clarity, and make sure you have a copy and keep it somewhere safe if you need to reference it down the line.

Avoid Pre-Buying Too Much Furniture

When you have your first apartment, it may be tempting to add too many things when you want to create your ideal space. But it’s harder to handle your first apartment when you have too many pieces of furniture in the space. You will likely run out of room quickly if you pre-buy too many chairs, tables, and couches. It’s better to wait until you completely decorate your apartment before buying anything new and rearranging.

It will take time before you’re used to the responsibilities that come with your first apartment. Use these tips to help you handle your new space and make it feel like home.


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