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5 Tips for Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHiring a marketing agency could immediately give your company the expertise needed to conduct effective marketing campaigns. It also reduces the possibility of failed campaigns and time needed for the learning curve. Not all marketing companies are the same, and you need to know how to choose the right one. Here are five tips to help you hire the right company and avoid a mistake.

1. Understand the Different Kinds of Marketing Agencies

There are many kinds of marketing agencies around. Some will perform general marketing services for just about any kind of advertising you might need. This could include offline marketing, online marketing, or both. Both marketing agencies may specialize in their services, providing boutique services such as small business marketing services, marketing consulting services, media marketing, etc.2. Find an Experienced Marketing Agency

When dealing with a marketing agency, remember that they know all about hype. They are paid for it and they are going to use it to advertise their own services. This may lead to a larger than life success rate, or experience. After determining exactly what your company needs in the way of services, i.e. email marketing, direct mail, b2b or b2c, etc., and then look for an advertising agency that focuses on providing that particular service. Because experience is very important, you probably should avoid newer companies.

3. Get References and Testimonials of Marketing Success

Advertising companies need to have a solid record of successful marketing campaigns behind them before you choose one. Be careful of just reading what a marketing company has posted on their website. Instead, ask to actually talk to one of the companies that have used their services and find out what they liked or did not like, as well as how successful the campaign actually was.

Another way to find a good marketing agency is to contact similar companies in your network and ask them for references. It will not take long to find other companies that have a good track record.

4. Look for Ability to Provide New Marketing Methods

If you are going to be using Internet marketing, it is important to realize that the Internet is constantly changing, and so are the tactics that are needed to reach your target audience. Also, different methods are needed to reach different age groups. Find out their experience to provide a marketing plan to reach that group and ensure that it uses some newer technology. One marketing agency may be great at reaching seniors, but another one will have tremendous success with young professionals, or teens.

5. Seek a Company That Provides Good Communication

There is nothing quite like a friendly company. Good communication ensures that you will end up with what you want and when you want it. If communication is poor in your early contacts with a company, you are probably better off looking somewhere else.

This is post is contributed by Emily M. She has a background in marketing and also has worked with DJ contracts in the past. You can read more here.

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