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Best Plants to Repel Mosquitos

Best Plants to Repel Mosquitos

Spending time out of doors feels great. However, when the evening is spoiled by mosquitoes, the fun can turn uncomfortable fast. Many prefer natural items to fight mosquitoes. Fortunately, the best plants to repel mosquitos can be grown in the yard or on your patio.

Allium-Almost everyone knows the potency of onions and garlic when opened to accent foods. These alliums are fierce smelling to people and repel mosquitoes easily.

Sage- This herb, surprisingly, is a good plant to fight the presence of mosquitoes. Add a little to the fire, and let the sharp aroma of sage permeate the air.

Basil- This mosquito repelling plant is a tasty treat in food dishes, and is easy to grow, and loves water. However, it is necessary to bruise the leaves of this plant to make use of its insect fighting oils.

Citronella- The smell of citronella is delicious and extremely hostile to mosquitoes.

geraniumsScented Geraniums- Of this species, the lemony scented is the favorite for pushing back mosquitoes. They are pleasant to look at and grow in pots or along walkways.

Bee Balm- This useful plant is also known as Horsemint or Monarda. By bruising the leaves of these plants, you can release natural oil that wards off mosquitoes. In addition, these plants produce mosquito repellant and lovely flowers.

Marigolds- If you love flowers, the Marigold will fill a yard or pots along the drive with mosquito fighting properties. Decorate a home inside and out with these easy to grow blossoms. Marigolds are not the most fragrant flower. Perhaps, this is why mosquitoes stay clear.

Catnip- This leafy plant wards off insects better than toxic repellents. It has an odor that discourages the onset of mosquitoes.

Plants to Repel MosquitosLavender- The extremely aromatic lavender plant is repulsive to many of Nature’s creatures that cannot seem to resist the urge to nibble foliage. Also, it keeps mosquitoes at bay. It only requires a sunny spot and good drainage.

Rosemary- It is hard to believe the fragrant odor of rosemary is a potent mosquito repellant. Nevertheless, this potent herb works in poultry dishes and o keep pesky bugs away.

Floss Flower- A flowery plant that repels mosquitoes is the Floss Flower. However, the coumarin presents a danger to pets, and people, if ingested.

Mint- This is a favorite. It smells nice and is very easy to propagate. Plant mint in a pot and use it for a natural insect repellent. Mint is also great in beverages.

Many of the best plants to repel mosquitoes are common for thousands of plant lovers. Plant lovers new to using these mosquito-repelling plants will find them helpful to have on a window sill or patio.


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