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Breckenridge Colorado A Summit County Treasure

The little town of Breckenridge, Colorado, located in the famous Summit County is home to the beloved Breckenridge Ski Resort.  Each and every year, over a million and a half people come from all directions of the world to ski and snowboard the wide open slopes of Breckenridge and experience the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Although the town of Breckenridge is over 150 years old and survived the Colorado gold rush that took place in mid-1880s, the Breckenridge Ski Resort did not opened up until December of 1961, but even still, it has attracted ski and snowboard enthusiasts ever since.


Located only 86 miles west of Denver, Breckenridge is an easy hour and a half commute from the Denver Metro Area.  It is a favorite to many Colorado residents, including Colorado Springs dentist, Andrew Hall.  Each March he travels to Breckenridge to partake in an annual ski and snowboarding trip with his buddies.  Hall, a snowboarder, also rides at other Colorado ski resorts, but prefers the terrain at Breckenridge above any of the others.  Also, with an annual snowfall of 300 inches, and an average of 300 days of sunshine, a ski vacation in Breckenridge is almost guaranteed to be a success!

After a long day on the slopes, nothing is better than sitting down and enjoying a nice meal at a local restaurant within the town of Breckenridge.  The majority of Breckenridge’s commercial locations are located in the town’s Historic District along Main and Ridge Street, which hosts two of the most popular establishments for both residents and tourists alike.  They include a restaurant called Downstairs at Eric’s and a bar named The Gold Pan Saloon.

Downstairs at Eric’s

Downstairs at Eric’s, located at 111 South Main Street in Breckenridge offers up some of the finest sports bar food in town.  The atmosphere is casual and boasts of food, sports, fun and beer.  Andrew Hall said, “My favorite place to eat is Downstairs at Eric’s.  If I’m staying for an extended amount of time, I always eat there”

They offer a nice sized menu that lists a good variety of specialty pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads, along with a variety of hot wings and other appetizers including nachos.  If you head to Eric’s between 11a.m. and 3p.m., the weekday lunch specials and lunch sandwich menu are very reasonably priced.  You really can’t go wrong at Eric’s because they offer something for everyone.

The Gold Pan Saloon
If you are looking for a little piece of Breckenridge history to go along with your beer, whiskey or rum, then The Gold Pan Saloon, located at 103 North Main Street is the place to go.  The Gold Pan Saloon is not for sissies, though.  Story has it that alcohol was still served in the back room during the prohibition years, and the mirrors that line the mahogany Brunswick bar allowed patrons the ability to watch their backs while they drank.

Built in 1879, it is noted as the oldest bar in town, and is a local favorite that features nightly drink specials, live music, dancing and other forms of entertainment.  Check out their website for the current music lineup and happenings.

When visiting Breckenridge with his buddies, Andrew Hall loves to grab a beer at The Gold Pan Saloon.  “They claim it’s the oldest bar west of the Mississippi.  It’s right there on Main Street maybe two blocks away from Eric’s,” said Hall.

Sarah Pollock grew up in Colorado and writes for a Colorado Web Design company.  Dr. Andrew Hall likes to hit the slopes when he’s not at practicing as a dentist in Colorado Springs.

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