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Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee at the Office

Whilst it may not be an official statistic, many coffee drinkers claim they’ve experienced their worst cup of coffee ever in the workplace break room. It’s no wonder that this popular caffeinated drink suffers so much at work; unless you’ve got a barista on staff, chances are it’s not treated with the love and respect it deserves! Let’s take a look at the causes of bad coffee at the office and how to solve the problem.

Why It’s So Bad

Unlike at home or in a restaurant, the office coffee machine is probably never cleaned. Go ahead, think about it. When was the last time someone in your workplace took the time to thoroughly clean the entire machine and perhaps run vinegar or a cleaning agent through a full cycle? The truth is that a dirty coffee machine is the number one culprit when it comes to bad coffee.

Here’s another excuse for that bitter brew – it’s old. The first pot of the day might get drunk quickly but chances are the next pot will sit on the burner for hours on end until the carafe is emptied. The longer the coffee sits there, the more burned tasting it becomes.

And finally, much of the quality of your workplace cup of coffee relies on the person brewing it. Often that task is left up to a receptionist or just the first worker through the door each morning. That person might or might not be experienced in brewing coffee. He or she might make it strong enough to support an upright spoon or so weak it resembles herbal tea. In either case, that results in a bad cup of coffee.

How to Brew a Better Pot of Coffee

So how can you, as employer or employee, ensure that the coffee in your workplace is more palatable?

For one thing, you must assign a single person or position to be in charge of cleaning and brewing the coffee. Ensure that this person knows the basics of making a delicious pot of coffee and that they maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Here’s a tip: if your employees or co-workers need a bit of help in their role as break room baristas, ask the company that supplies your coffee to provide a training session.

If you pour a cup of coffee and it tastes burnt or bitter, throw out the whole pot. Don’t let the next unsuspecting person come along and suffer along with you; make a new pot and while you’re at, why not take a moment to scrub the pot and filter basket before adding fresh water and coffee beans?

Make sure the proper supplies are available. Fresh, bottled water is preferable and replacing the coffee in the canister on a regular basis essential. Cleaning agents or just a bottle of plain white vinegar will ensure the gets cleaned on schedule.

Are you ready to enjoy your workplace cup of coffee rather than dreading its bitter, burnt taste? Use these tips to ensure you are brewing a better cup of coffee at the office.

Damien Higgins writes for Eden Springs, the UK’s No. 1 bottled water cooler supplier who also provide an office coffee machine that provides a delicious cup of coffee every time. 

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