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What to Wear to Work in 2016

Happy New Year, now…
back to work! What to Wear to Work in 2016!

Honey, getting the job was only half the battle. Now, not only do you need to show up and do your job but you also need to show up looking workplace-worthy. This can mean a hefty investment towards a new wardrobe, hours of shopping and endless questioning of “does this work for work?” “Is this appropriate?” “Does this suit go together?” “Are those obnoxious print pants appropriate for work?”
Depending on how long it’s been since you were in an office setting, it could be a difficult process. Sheer see-through blouses are everywhere and what’s best, a skinny pant, or wide leg? Well don’t worry, we have put together some looks to get you through the 2016 work year in style!
My favorites from the Spring and Summer 2016 runway shows have shown some staple outfits that leave the question of what to wear to work in 2016 in the dust!

what to wear to work

What to Wear to Work

I only have one word for you Céline. The Céline Spring Summer 2016 collection has a professional section like no other. It’s everything you need and more. From Jackets, dress suits, to work-ready dresses in a variety of “now” trends. There is really something for everyone and all body types. The 2016 Céline Spring ready to wear collection is full of shape in new modern ways that bend traditional pantsuits to conform to new ways of the runway where there is plenty of room to breathe at the moment. ~The clothes are very roomy.
The designer spoke about this collection backstage, “I liked the idea of clothes that you could pack up and go somewhere with, a bit like this tent – you can pack it up and go, I was thinking about clothes out of context, taking these pieces out of an urban life and putting your feet in the sand. I find that so charming and touching; moving clothes away from that environment, I get a lot of satisfaction imagining these clothes in nature.”

Check out Céline on the their official website and photos from the latest runway show here.

Jessica Feigner
Jessica Feigner
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