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Saving Money on Your Christmas Shopping

The festive season can be an expensive time what with all the food, the drink, the present buying, the parties and the new outfits, so most people look to make savings wherever they can. Whilst you don’t want to be the Scrooge character come Christmas day, or the cheapskate who bought all their presents from [...]

How to Hire a Safe Babysitter

How to hire a safe babysitter Because we hear so many scary stories these days, you may feel like it’s easier to simply forego the entire process of finding a babysitter for your kids than it is to find a sitter that you trust. The benefits outweigh the risks, in my mind though and I [...]

Homemade Rides – DIY Theme Park

Homemade Rides – DIY Theme Park This post is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not attempt any of the following yourself as it could result in serious injury or death. It took four years and a heck of a lot of iron but John Ivers from Indiana managed to build his own working rollercoaster [...]

How To Have Family Fun

Times are tough, and trying to still have fun family time without emptying your wallet can be even harder.  It would be nice to just whisk away in the car with family in tow, and go hit the movies, get some popcorn, and have a good evening. However, a family of four will spend well [...]