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Car Mechanic
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3 Signs for When It’s Time To Visit a Car Mechanic

Whether you recently bought a new car or have owned the same one for the past 15 years, making sure it runs optimally...

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen
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Must-Know Tips for Creating a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Farmhouse style is all the rage right now. People love the simplicity of the design and the tranquil vibe it gives off. Since...

Outdoors in the Fall
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4 Ways to Spend Time Outdoors in the Fall

At the first sign of fall, your initial inclination might be to resign yourself to indoor activities, but that doesn’t necessarily have to...

desk organization
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Desk Organization and Personalization Ideas

Desk organization is important for overall productivity. A cluttered desk is reflective of a cluttered mind. Cleaning your desk and making it more...

Coordinating Outfits
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Tips for Color Coordinating Outfits

Throwing together an outfit can sometimes feel like a headache. However, the key to stress-free fashion is proper coordination. To learn more about...

Layers for Your Hair
Tips + Advice

Layers for Your Hair: How To Choose the Right Style

The human eye is surprisingly easy to fool. The French, ever eager to coin a memorable phrase, have a familiar term for this:...

Perfect Guest Room
Tips + Advice

Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

With a new place and environment, it is natural for people to feel a little uneasy. A welcoming guest room is a great...

8 Full Hours of Sleep
Tips + Advice

How To Get 8 Full Hours of Sleep

You may be able to work hard and play hard, but are you sleeping hard those other eight hours of the day? A...

Used Car
Tips + Advice

Important Maintenance After Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a financially responsible decision to get a safe and reliable vehicle for a fraction of the price...

Mental Health In the Workplace
Tips + Advice

How To Protect Your Mental Health In the Workplace

Though many would argue that small amounts of stress are the key to staying motivated and productive throughout the work day, this isn’t...

Car Cleaning
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Tips for Cleaning Your Car This Spring

  Spring weather means no more winter blues for you or your dirty car. Salt, snow, rain, and all kinds of other winter...

Exercise Shoe
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How To Choose the Best Exercise Shoe

There is no single running shoe that is perfect for everyone. Choosing exercise shoes can often come down to price and style, without...