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Florida Rowing Club Launches Clinics to Promote Fitness and Teamwork

Rowing FesterFlorida rowing club, Space Coast Crew, has launched a series of clinics aimed at introducing people to the benefits of rowing. The club members behind the clinics say the reasons for taking up rowing are plentiful, especially for women who are able to not only learn a new sport but also gain body awareness.

The virtues of rowing for health and fitness are well documented.  As a means of getting fit it is low impact, providing a full body workout and has aerobic benefits. The clinics run by the club offer a further benefit in helping to promote teamwork amongst the participants, as they are using boats built for 4 or 8 people. This means everyone in the boat has to do it right or they may find they do not progress very far in the water!

Those that sign up for the clinics will find that at first they will not venture anywhere near the water, but instead will be practicing on a stationery rowing machine known as an ergometer.  This machine will help develop the fundamentals needed to progress to the water, where participants will find the training slow and steady to help develop the precise timing skills and technique needed to power the boat smoothly through the water.

The first clinic will start on in March 2013 and comprises 12 sessions over four weeks.


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